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why oat milk popular in malaysia
oat milk

Why Oat Milk is so Popular in Malaysia

Oat milk has become the norm in many homes and coffee shops in the West. It is easy to pop into a local Starbucks and …

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finding fmcg food distributor
food distribution

How to Pick a Great FMCG Food Distributor in Malaysia

Selecting the ideal FMCG food distributor is crucial to any business’s success, from small grocery stores to large chains. When making this critical decision, finding …

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Exploring the Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts contain high levels of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. These nutrients and minerals are beneficial to the body in various ways. Eating brazil …

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plant-based milk

The Plant-based Milk Buying Guide for Health-conscious Malaysians

Recent studies show a growing interest in plant-based milk among most health-conscious Malaysians. This diet is becoming popular as it brings sustainability and health benefits …

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food distribution

What to Look for in a Reliable Grocery Supplier in Malaysia

Are you looking for a grocery supplier in Malaysia that can meet the demands of your business and provide high-quality products and services? Finding the …

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green tea

Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

Did you know that approximately 4 in 5 consumers drink tea? Approximately 87 percent of those tea drinkers are millennials. Why is that? Well for one, tea …

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plant-based milk

Lactose Intolerant? Remove Dairy from Your Diet with these Types of Plant-based Milk

Lactose intolerance is a common digestive issue that affects a large portion of the population. This condition is characterised by the inability to digest lactose, …

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king rice bran oil malaysia
rice bran oil

Rice Bran Oil in Malaysia – Understanding the Health Benefits

Rice bran oil is increasingly becoming a popular choice amongst health-conscious consumers. This is true even in Malaysia, especially among the younger consumers that are …

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olive oil for cooking
olive oil

Should You Use Olive Oil for Cooking?

Olives have been an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine for a long time. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks used olive oil in their cooking. …

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food supplier

Searching for a Reliable Grocery Supplier in Malaysia? Here are Five Tips

Congratulations on taking the brave step of starting a retail business or supermarket! Finding an outstanding grocery supplier is essential for the success of any …

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oats in malaysia

Why Malaysians Should Eat More Oats: Health Benefits of Oats

The 21st century has made information much more accessible, and people are now more health-conscious than ever. This increase in awareness has resulted in a …

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tahini sauce in malaysia

What is Tahini and Why Should Malaysians Care?

Have you heard of tahini and why you are seeing more of it on Malaysia’s supermarket shelves? Are you curious about what tahini is, and …

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choose food distributor
food distribution

How to Select the Right Food Distributor

Do you have a thriving food business? You must be excited to have your organically grown produce or baked goods on the farmers’ markets, shelves …

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healthy hummus in malaysia

Why Malaysians Should Eat More Hummus: Health Benefits of Hummus

Hummus is one of the healthiest snacks you can eat, but many Malaysians haven’t discovered its wide variety of health benefits. Its high fibre content …

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difference between food distributor and wholesaler
food distribution

What are the Differences between Food Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers?

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have been all the rage in the last few years, especially during the early stages of the pandemic when online shopping was …

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plant-based milk in malaysia
plant-based milk

What is Plant-based Milk and Why do Malaysians Love Them?

Judging from our previous trip to a grocery store in Kuala Lumpur, it’s safe to say that plant-based milk has taken off in Malaysia. The …

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food supplier

How to Find the Best Grocery Food Supplier

Are you responsible for the school lunch program, running a restaurant, a corporate cafeteria, or any food eatery? If so, then you must be concerned …

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Types of Yogurt You Can Find in Malaysia – Which is the Best?

Do you love yogurt? If so, which is your best flavour, brand, and type? Some people prefer plain yogurt, others the frozen one and others …

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introduction to nyonya food

Interesting Facts About Nyonya Food

We all know that Malaysia is home to a wide variety of people, cultures, religions and of course food. The food is particularly memorable because …

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foods that last

Food That Can Last a Long Time

Foods have different shelf lives; some can naturally last for months and years when stored properly. Other foods spoil quickly due to high moisture or …

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food distribution

Tips on Entering the Malaysian Market with a Food Distributor

When entering the Malaysian market, one of your primary concerns will be selling your food product. The best way to do this is through a …

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grape juice

10 Health Benefits of Grape Juice

People have been using grapes for centuries because they are easy to grow and are an important component in winemaking. Besides making wine, grapes are …

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Understanding Your Asian Noodles – Ramen vs Pan Mee vs Misua

Noodles are one of the most popular foods in Asia, where they are an everyday staple. They are present in most households because noodles can …

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fresh vs dry pasta

Fresh vs Dry Pasta – Boiling Down the Differences

Fresh vs dry pasta – the difference is stark and easy to point out. Here’s some help. Fresh pasta is entirely different from dry pasta. …

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