With the growing consumption of plant-based milk products in Malaysia, there has been an increase in market demand for plant-based alternatives in the country. Consumers are turning to plant-based milk for its health benefits, as well as its taste and texture. As such, it is no surprise that various plant milks have gained in popularity over the last few years. Based on the plant-based beverages can you buy right now, which ones are predicted to be the most popular next year?

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Almond Milk

In addition to being the first alternative milk to hit the mainstream, Almond milk has gained popularity due to its health benefits, including LDL cholesterol reduction and high levels of vitamins D & E. It is a suitable option for vegans, individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle, and those with lactose intolerance. Almond milk is known for its creamy texture and nutty flavor, often used as an additive in coffee. While it may not be as sustainable as other plant milk, almond milk production is considered more environmentally friendly than dairy.

To make homemade Almond milk, soak almonds in cold water overnight. Next day, drain the water and blend almonds with fresh water and salt. Optional additions include dates, honey, vanilla, cacao powder, or berries for flavor and sweetness. Blend for 1-2 minutes, strain through nut milk bag, and refrigerate. It should last 4-5 days.

Oat Milk

Another very popular alternative to dairy milk is the Oat milk. These days, it seems that your cafe coffee experience is incomplete without it. The appeal of oat milk is that its consistency is the closest to cow milk and it has just the right amount of creaminess and sweetness. It’s not only perfect for those with lactose intolerance, but it’s suitable for those with nut allergies as well. Oat milk is also high in dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

To make oat milk at home, use rolled oats and blend them with fresh water and other ingredients for flavor and sweetness. Blend for 20-30 seconds, being careful not to overblend. Then, strain the mixture through a nut bag twice to remove any remaining sediment. To avoid a slimy texture, use cold water, do not over blend, and strain well but don’t over squeeze. Store refrigerated. Consume within 4-5 days.

Soy Milk

Soy milk has become the third most popular dairy-free milk after oat milk. It offers health benefits like improved hair growth, skin health, and mood due to its plant-based protein, collagen, and magnesium. Soy milk is not only popular in grocery stores and coffee shops, but they are also sold on street carts with different sweetness options. It is also sold as a traditional treat called Tau Fu Fa, helping people cool off in hot weather.

To make your own soy milk at home, soak the soybeans in water overnight to soften them. The next day, drain the water and rinse the soybeans. Remove as much of the skins as possible by rubbing the beans under water. This will make the skins float to the top to be removed easily. Then, place the soybeans in a blender with fresh water and blend until smooth. Lastly, heat the strained soy milk in a pan until it is 100 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, stirring often to prevent sticking. Soy is a legume, so unlike almonds and oats, it cannot be eaten raw. To store, wait until it’s cool and refrigerate for up to 4 days.


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Best Plant-Based Milk For Your Needs

The most popular types of plant milk in Malaysia, in order, are almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk. Each of them has its own health benefits and flavour profiles that can be adjusted to suit a variety of tastes when made at home. For those who prefer to buy store-bought plant milk, there is a wide range of options available, and here is a guide on how to buy the best one. Though originally made as an alternative for the lactose intolerant, these nut-based beverages are perfectly suited for the Muslim population because they are halal-certified, and they reach their target audience of the vegan population, as nut milk is ethically made without any animal products. With the health of people in mind, it is no surprise that plant-based products are the future. Of the three plant-based milks mentioned in the article, it seems like oat milk will be the most popular by 2024 due to its increasing popularity.