Noodles are a big part of different Asian cuisines. Malaysian cuisine has a lot of noodle dishes you can easily find in restaurants and hawker centers whether it be curry mee, asam laksa, or char kway teow. But if you’re craving other foods, you can easily find restaurants that serve Western cuisine in places like Kuala Lumpur.tasty italian pizza with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese

Italian Dishes

Italian cuisine is the most popular in the world. It often evokes feelings of elegance, romance, and sophistication. Their dishes often cover a variety of food groups – pasta for carbohydrates, meat for protein, cheese for dairy, tomatoes for fruits and vegetables, and butter for fats and sugars.

Italian dishes are known for their versatility, flavourful ingredients, and simplicity in terms of cooking. While you can easily find Italian restaurants, you can also easily make them at home. Read on to learn about a few of the popular dishes you can buy locally or make yourself:

Spaghetti Bolognese

The Italian national dish and one of the most iconic dishes is the spaghetti bolognese. It’s a hearty dish made of spaghetti, a type of long and thin pasta, minced beef, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese. The sauce is a meat-based one that’s simmered with onions, garlic, and herbs to get deep flavours.


Known for its creamy sauce, Carbonara is made of eggs, parmesan, and black pepper. While it’s traditionally eaten with pork, you can substitute it with chicken and add mushrooms and peas for extra depth. You can also get a meatless carbonara, called pasta cacio e uova, which means “cheese and egg pasta”.

Creamy Mushroom

A vegetarian dish that also consists of creamy sauce and features mushrooms. Made by sauteeing your mushrooms and garlic in oil and butter until the water is gone. Then add Italian seasoning, lemon juice, and flour to thicken. Add cooked spaghetti and season with salt and pepper, and optionally chili flakes. Garnish with fresh parsley and grated parmesan.

Aglio Olio

Its name means “garlic olive oil,” because those are the two ingredients that make that dish. It originated from Naples, Italy, and is popular because it’s quick and easy to make, and the ingredients are cheap and readily available. Simply saute the garlic in olive oil and toss cooked spaghetti in it. Add chili flakes and parsley to garnish.

Another variation is Seafood Aglio Olio, where you repeat the same thing as above but cook your seafood in the sauce before adding your cooked spaghetti to it. The most popular is shrimp, but some variations include scallops, mussels, and clams.

Making Spaghetti Dishes at Home

The basic breakdown of an Italian dish is the choice of pasta, tomato sauce, bolognese sauce, meats, and vegetables like cherry tomatoes. There are various types of pasta that were specifically created to suit different pasta sauces. But as long as it tastes good, you can use anything you want. Use yellow noodles instead of spaghetti. Use dark soy sauce for garlic noodles instead of olive oil.

Why People Like Spaghetti Dishes


Pasta dishes are popular because they’re versatile dishes that can be cooked the traditional Italian way or in any way you can think of – for instance, fusion dishes like yellow curry spaghetti, or Napolitan spaghetti, which is a Japanese iteration that uses a ketchup-based sauce.


They are quick and simple to make big batches of and easily be divided into adjusted portion sizes, which is especially helpful for busy people like college students employees, and parents. An average adult needs about 120 grams of fresh spaghetti or 75 grams of dry spaghetti (which is the ready-made one).

It’s also to get all the key nutrients you need in a bowl of spaghetti. If you find it hard to eat the daily recommended amount of protein and vegetables, you can make a sauce out of them.

serving spaghetti with wooden spoons out of bowl cook at home

Last Word

Whether you’re craving a Malaysian dish or an Italian one, spaghetti dishes are readily available locally. If you’re cooking at home, they’re perfect for people with busy schedules because they don’t require a lot of time and effort to be delicious. Furthermore, they’re great for using up your leftovers or food that’s about to go bad. Just cook some noodles, add that luncheon meat sitting at the back of your fridge, and any vegetables that are almost wilting. And enjoy!