Yellow Curry Spaghetti




Total Time


100 g                     Barilla Spaghetti (cook as per instructions on packet)

1 box/500ml       Roi Thai Yellow Curry

2 tbsp                   King Rice Bran Oil

4 pcs                      Prawns

100 g                     Chicken

4 pcs                      Tau foo pok

30 g                        Long beans (blanched)

50 g                        Brinjal (blanched)

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  1. In a pot, add in King Rice Bran Oil to fry the prawn till cooked. Then, remove from pot and add in the chicken and fry till cooked.
  2. Using the same pot, pour in the Roi Thai Yellow Curry and bring to a boil.
  3. Then, add in the tau foo pok and continue boiling.
  4. Once ready, pour the sauce over the cooked spaghetti and assemble with the prawn, chicken, tau foo pok, blanched long beans and brinjal. Serve hot

Products Used

Roi Thai Yellow Curry (500 ml)
Barilla Spaghetti 500g
Barilla Spaghetti No.5 500g
King Rice Bran Oil
King Bran Rice Oil (1L)