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Coffee Pods vs Instant Coffee – What’s the Difference?

In Malaysia, coffee culture is booming, with people flocking to coffee shops to indulge in their favorite brews. From artisanal coffee made by someone with coffee knowledge to basic black coffee that comes from a drip coffee machine, there are many coffee types available to choose from. However, there are times when we just want a quick cup of coffee at home. This is where coffee pods and instant coffee come into play.

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Reasons to Have Pod/Instant Coffee at Home

Saves Cost and Time

Going to all those cute specialty coffee shops is fine once in a while, but the costs add up. Not to mention, if you’re trying to get your morning coffee right before work, you would have to test your patience and wait in line. Making coffee at home is not only quick and easy, but you’d be saving more money per cup as well.

Customisability and Convenience

From the strength of your coffee to the amount of milk or sugar, you can control every aspect of your coffee to your liking. If you want fancy coffee, there are multiple recipes online that you can experiment with that will probably taste better than the ones made with concentrated coffee. Having a coffee pod machine or instant coffee eliminates the need for a coffee grinder, French press, or paper filters, making the brewing process more convenient.

Personal Enjoyment and Ritual

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur who knows all about the different types of coffee or an avid coffee drinker who enjoys a quick coffee, making fresh coffee at home can become a cherished daily ritual, providing a sense of routine and relaxation. Replace the hustle and bustle of a noisy cafe with some calming Lofi music in the comfort of your own home to fully enjoy the coffee experience.

Key Differences

Flavour and Consistent Quality

Coffee pods are made from high-quality, freshly ground beans, ensuring a rich and robust flavour profile similar to freshly brewed coffee from high-quality coffee high-quality beans. Each pod consistently delivers exceptional flavour and quality with every cup.

Caffè Borbone is known as the number one coffee pod brand in Italy. From aromatic and refined Arabica to strong and creamy espresso, they have pods in a variety of flavours and intensities that are compatible with Home Nespresso Machines and pods that are compatible with Dolce-Gusto Machines.

Instant coffee tends to have a more flat, less complex flavour and can vary in quality and taste, but the opposite is true depending on the brand and how they are made. For instance, Haco Suiss uses high-quality, fresh coffee beans that are carefully extracted and roasted to make their coffee. In addition, they preserve the unique fresh aroma of coffee by infusing their freeze-dried coffee with coffee oil.

Brewing Methods and Cleanup

Coffee pods come in pre-measured amounts to make the kinds of coffee you want. You just need to add room-temperature water to a compatible machine, put the pod in the slot, and place your cup below the spout. The machine will boil the water, which will run through the pod, filtering out the delicious coffee, and resulting in the perfect cup of coffee.

Once you’re done, you need to dispose of the pod that contains the used coffee grounds, wipe any spills on the bottom of the machine, and wash your cup.

For instant coffee, you need hot water, a coffee cup, and a spoon. You’d have to measure the amount of coffee you want, but that means you can adjust to your preference. For cleanup, you’d need to wash your cup and spoon. Because instant coffee does not require a machine like coffee pods do, it’s a more portable and convenient option.

Cost and Shelf Life

Besides the coffee machine, which can be pricey, coffee pods are generally more expensive than instant coffee per serving. Pod coffees are less sensitive to humidity compared to pre-ground coffee beans and have a moderate shelf life. However, instant coffee has the longest shelf life because they’re dehydrated. All of them should be stored in a cool and dry place.

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Which Is For You?

Whether you’re a hardcore coffee aficionado or a coffee lover who just wants to enjoy some hot coffee, choosing between coffee pods and instant coffee depends on your personal preference. Some enjoy the taste of pod coffee and the convenience of pushing a button and letting the machine do the rest of the work. And some prefer the portability and affordability of instant coffee.