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Haco SüiSS freeze-dried coffee in a jar is made with Swiss precision from the freshest and finest ingredients. It provides consumers an experience that is “Undoubtedly Swiss”.

Only the finest beans are freshly roasted and carefully extracted, at a low yield. Its taste is further enhanced through the aroma recovery process in order to produce some of the most premium freeze-dried soluble coffee around. Each jar of freeze-dried coffee is infused with coffee oil, to preserve the unique fresh aroma of coffee.

Haco SüiSS produce flawless solid coffee flakes not easily broken, this results in zero coffee dust at the bottom of the jar to give you a well-rounded cup of coffee. Today, the company is constantly innovating and adopting the latest technology to create the excellent coffee of the finest quality.

The brand strives to introduce connoisseurship and food excitement without compromising today’s focus on health while delivering on the promise of producing Swiss premium food products.

SüiSS Freeze-Dried Coffee in a Jar

Haco SüiSS symbolises a finer taste of lifestyle – premium, indulgent, and full of natural goodness.

SüiSS freeze-dried coffee in a jar is roasted whole bean and freeze-dried 3-in-1 coffee, available in 5 premium selection: SüiSS Arabica Mild Roast, SüiSS Espresso Dark Roast, SüiSS Best Fusion Arabica, SüiSS Mocha Medium Roast, and SüiSS Special Blend Medium Roast.

Each blend is made from the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sourced from Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. Awaken your senses and savour the full-bodied aroma of each unique blend. SüiSS freeze-dried coffee is the perfect way to start the day with!

These 5 coffee variants are now popular and widely available in emerging Asian markets such as Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea.

Product Categories:

  • Freeze-dried Coffee
  • Arabica Coffee
Country of Origin Switzerland



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