kjeldsen butter cookies malaysia
kjeldsen butter cookies malaysia

The story of Kjeldsens began in 1933 in a small Danish village in Jutland. The founder, Marinus Kjeldsen, fell in love with Anna, a baker’s daughter who was known for her delicious cookies.

Kjeldsen began selling these cookies to neighbouring villages, where the wonderful buttery treats soon caught on and spread throughout the country, leading to the opening of their first commercial bakery.

Over the years, Kjeldsens has developed into one of the world’s largest cookie producers offering a wide variety of cookies, flavours and packaging to serve many different gifting and consumption occasions.

In 2009, Kjeldsens Butter Cookies was appointed as purveyor to the Royal Danish Court by the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II. Each tin, therefore, proudly displays the words, “By Appointment To The Royal Danish Court” with a golden crown in its logo, symbolising the brand’s authenticity, quality, and status.

The Original Recipe for Danish Butter Cookies

Cookies are one of the most popular foods in the world. In Denmark, cookies symbolises health, prosperity, and success.

All Kjeldsens butter cookies are baked in Denmark – and are still based on the original recipe from 1933. Every bite of this buttery goodness will transport you back to the love story of Marinus and Anna Kjeldsen.

To this day, Kjeldsen’s classic Butter Cookies continues to use fresh butter and other natural ingredients in its production. Each type of cookie has its own unique recipe and stays true to the traditional baking craftsmanship that ensures its signature shape and flavour.

With Kjeldsen Butter Cookies, it’s all about creating golden moments at every opportunity, whether you’re enjoying a tea time snack or sharing cookies with family, friends, and colleagues.





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Product Categories:

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