With the average restaurant’s profit margin falling precipitously in recent years, belts are being tightened by both workers and restaurateurs alike.

Whether you’re making a shopping list or buying supplies for a business, bulk groceries can help you save a ton of money. If you’re still buying everything retail, you need to follow the work of smart shoppers.

Here are three reasons why bulk grocery shopping will save you in the long term.

1. Try New Things

When buying bulk groceries, you can try out things you’ve never tried before at a much better price than you could at a local supermarket. Often the packaging and promotion of retail items can have you paying twice as much for half the amount of a food item.

When you buy that new food item, you might get one shot to concoct an interesting new dish that you’ve never tried before. If you’re new to a flavour profile, you won’t know how much is too much. Even recipes can fail to give you what you’re looking for.

When you order bulk, you can make mistakes and even find ways you’d never thought of using a product before. Maybe that spice you got a lot of for cheap will taste good in your morning coffee.

2. Careful Storage Means Savings

When you buy bulk, often you’re getting lots of a great product that can last you over the course of an entire year. If you properly and safely store the products in airtight containers, they will last you through many seasonal food cycles.

Having to go out and buy a spice, flavouring agent, or a dry good every 3 months at the supermarket is sure to add up. Not only could you forget to order it and end up having to make two trips but you will be paying more at a retail price.

Order online from the comfort of your home to ensure that you check off everything on your list and still end up with high-quality foods.

3. Take Advantage of Sales Now


When you get tuned in to what’s happening with a bulk outlet, you get notified about what’s happening before anyone else. When a sale arises, you might think “What will I do with all of that X?”

If you have the proper storage tools and containers, you can keep that bulk product for as long as you need to. Breeze past expiry dates knowing that you’ve kept your bulk goods safe for as long as you need them.

Take advantage of sales without a second thought given to worrying about whether or not you’ll need all of that X. It’ll be there when you need it, at a price you’ll be pleased with yourself for paying.

Buying Bulk Groceries Will Trim Your Budget

Regardless of whether you’re an amateur chef or running your own kitchen, bulk groceries will help you cut back. Rather than spend 2-3 times what you’d be spending on an item at its retail price, go with bulk shopping to ensure a high-profit margin.

If you want to know what you can expect from a high-quality bulk seller, check out our guide for more info.