With over 70% of surveyed westerners eating Asian foods on a regular basis, you’ll find the Asian foods market is blowing up. Whether they love prepared foods, soups, teas, or other beverages, distributors are starting to compete in the western market. One of the fastest rising stars is the food and beverages industry in Malaysia.

If you don’t know what to expect from the industry in Malaysia, here are 3 fast facts that you should know.

1. High Quality

Malaysian food companies have become some of the top producers of food and beverage products that can be shipped across the world. From dry goods like tea to a wide variety of bottled and canned goods, Malaysian producers are making everything that you can find in the world. And the best thing about the food and beverages industry in Malaysia is the high quality you can expect.

Malaysian food producers can give you everything that the most beloved and respected names worldwide have to offer. Try any product from a Malaysian producer and you’re sure to be hooked. The variety of flavours and styles is often more broad and complex than western brands offer.

2. High Standards

One of the greatest things about Malaysian food companies is the high standards they hold. Malaysian food and beverage companies offer quality and safety standards that rival the most stringent levels in Europe or the Americas.

Visit any food distribution or manufacturing plant in Malaysia and you’ll encounter all kinds of quality assurance staff. There will be people who are there to ensure that each batch of a product is as good as the last one.

You’ll also find there are lots of safety hoops the facility will be jumping through. They’ll have certifications letting you know about inspections for employee safety as well as for food safety.

As Asian food distributors are constantly raising the bar for quality and safety, you’ll find Malaysian food is some of the most carefully produced on the planet.

3. Low Prices

The number one reason that people choose Malaysian food and beverage companies has to be the low prices. But as stated above, unlike many other countries, you won’t be sacrificing a lick of quality based on your choice.

Whether you’re talking about prepared foods, beverages, or food ingredients, Malaysia probably makes whatever it is people stock their shelves with near you. And with Malaysian food companies, you could try flavours and styles that you’ve never seen before. At a low price, it’s a win-win for distributors, consumers, and wholesale companies.

The Food and Beverages Industry in Malaysia Thrives

The food and beverages industry in Malaysia is continuing to grow every day. There are producers making everything under the sun and even starting to encroach on the biggest brands in the world. Watch the Malaysian food industry in the next few years because you might just find they’re going to be ahead of the curve.

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