The 21st century has made information much more accessible, and people are now more health-conscious than ever. This increase in awareness has resulted in a higher demand for plant-based foods and more consumption of cereal grains in Malaysia.

Oats are a nutrient-rich food that has long been celebrated for their health benefits.  Oats are popular in Malaysia, especially as part of a healthy breakfast. The consumption of oats has been rising in the country due to their nutrient-rich content, such as high levels of fibre and vitamins.

types of oats in malaysia

What are Oats?

All oats are members of the grass family. Oats are a type of grain that can be consumed as a substitute for wheat. While some people may think that oat is a cereal, it actually comes from the seed, not the entire plant.

For example, wheat comes from the whole plant, but oat only comes from the seeds. Therefore, oats are often confused with cereal.

Health Benefits of Oats

Oats are a common food product in Malaysia that is consumed daily by people all over the country, especially those who choose to eat a more natural and healthful diet. But why are oats considered so beneficial to our health?

Here are some of the most important health benefits of oats.

1. Oats Help Fight Cancer

One of the most important health benefits of oats is that they can be helpful with cancer prevention.

It can be used as a natural treatment for cancer, especially colon cancer. Oats help prevent cancer because they contain a lot of fibres and reduce the amount of chemical substances that are released into the body after eating.

The dietary fibres in oats are able to bind to molecules known as carcinogens and block their ability to enter the body.

Oats are rich in beta-glucan, which binds with carcinogens much faster and can cause them to be less toxic, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.

2. Oats Help Reduce Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a common problem in many people, especially those who are underweight and overweight.

When blood pressure is high, it can be the cause of many illnesses. One of the ways to prevent high blood pressure is by eating a diet that has healthy foods like oats.

Oats are great for health because they contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to prevent the oxidation process, which increases the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Oats have antioxidants in a form that is easily absorbed by our bodies so we can improve our health.

A healthy heart is important and oats are a great food to help you with that.

3. Helps Control Blood Cholesterol Levels

The cholesterol in oats is very useful in helping to prevent heart disease. Cholesterol is known as the “liver stressor” because it can increase the size of the liver and raise blood pressure.

While cholesterol reduction is important, your body still needs ‘good’ cholesterol to function properly. When there is a lack of cholesterol, the body can be damaged by absorbing the cholesterol in the liver.

Oats also help to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in your body and increase the amount of good cholesterol.

LDL cholesterol is known as the “bad” cholesterol in our bodies, but oat has a way of reducing its level and making sure that your body is able to use the good cholesterol for healthy living.

Additionally, there are many fats in oats that can decrease cholesterol and help protect your body from the bad effects of cholesterol.

4. Helps Balance Blood Sugar Levels

Oats help to balance blood sugar levels. High blood sugar can cause complications, such as kidney disease and diabetes.

Oats also help you to avoid the common signs of diabetes, such as high blood pressure, fatigue, and hunger.

Oats help to balance the blood sugar level because it is a rich source of soluble fibre that can help in this process. Soluble fibres attach to cholesterol, which is usually oxidised, and prevent the oxidation process from occurring again. Once the cholesterol has been absorbed by the soluble fibre, it can be removed from the body.

When sugar levels are balanced, this will help the body’s sensitivity to insulin and the body will be able to maintain its health in a better way.

5. Helps in Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most-requested health benefits of oats. Oats are a natural burden buster because they reduce your appetite and increase your feelings of fullness.

When you eat oats, it encourages the production of hormones that make you feel full without eating anything else for a long time.

This is great news for those who are trying to lose weight and are busy with their work. Because oats are also rich in protein, they can also help to build muscle mass and promote weight loss, therefore helping you look amazing.

Oat is rich in fibre, which helps you to feel full without eating a lot.

Additionally, oats can make you feel satisfied with fewer calories because they help to absorb water.

6. Oats Help with Skin Care

Oats are good for skin care because they are a great source of many vitamins and minerals, including selenium and zinc. These minerals help to prevent skin damage and improve cell health, which promotes the production of collagen. This helps to improve the elasticity of your skin and reduce many signs of ageing on your skin.

It is for this reason that most skin care products contain oatmeal extracts for skin care. These products include soaps, body washes, and face creams. All these products are able to improve your skin because oats help to strengthen your skin and make it more flexible.

7. Oats Help Relieve Constipation

Oats are an excellent choice for those who suffer from constipation and digestive problems. They contain soluble fibre, which makes them great in relieving constipation and increasing the flow of stool. This type of fibre is known as “roughage” because it helps to promote regular bowel movements.

Oats are also rich in vitamin B-6, which is needed for the production of folic acid, a substance that regulates the digestive system.

Understanding the Health Benefits of Oats

Oats are considered one of the healthiest foods in Malaysia because they help provide the body with energy and nutrients in a natural way, which is essential for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

Oats contain a lot of nutrients that can help to protect the body against different types of diseases. If you eat oats regularly, you will notice that you are much healthier than in the past.

Introducing Mornflake Oats – The Healthier Breakfast Choice

Mornflake is one of the most popular oat brands in the world and Sangla Foods is its exclusive distributor in Malaysia.

Mornflake is a British brand dedicated to providing the healthiest cereals and oat products on the market. For over 300 years, they have been using traditional milling techniques to produce a wide range of cereals that are full of flavour, texture and nutrition.

Mornflake focuses on creating products that are natural and healthy while still being delicious to eat. From muesli and jumbo oats to strawberry cereal bars, there is a variety of Mornflake products available for everyone in the family.

You can purchase oats at major supermarkets in Malaysia or from Sangla Foods’ official online stores in Shopee and Lazada.