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Mornflake began milling oats in the South Cheshire countryside in 1675, where they are still based today. Today, they have over 30 different products ranging from oat crunchies, crispy muesli to deliciously moreish chocolatey squares, and not forgetting the traditional oat which makes the heart-warming creamy porridge.

Mornflake is the UK’s oldest cereal company with over 340 years of milling experience. Led by the 15th family generation, it is reported to be the 4th oldest family company in the UK. With such an illustrious history, some of the products you enjoy today have been in the making for more than 3 centuries.

The iconic horses on the Mornflake logo are a reflection of simpler times in 1915. Back then, the company relied on three wonderful shire horses whose names were Flossy, Metal, and Bonnie to pull the binder that cut the oats. Their legacy remains the proud symbol of the Mornflake brand because it signifies the hard work it took to be where they are today.

Mighty Oats for a Healthy and Wholesome Breakfast

Mornflake is dedicated to helping everyone wake up to better quality breakfast every morning, and it all starts with the mighty oat grain. The benefits of this mighty grain are plenty despite being such a simple ingredient.

Oats are incredibly nutritious and well-balanced. They are a rich source of carbohydrates, fiber and are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Mornflake is obsessed with finding the perfect methods to get the best of these grains. Thus, a wide range of delicious breakfast options is produced to encourage a healthy lifestyle, starting with a wholesome breakfast. As a result, Mornflake has won numerous awards for its quality and service.

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