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Brand Story

Mak Nyonya began as a labour of love from a grandmother to her family. Her display of affection is found in her cooking as she devotes hours in the kitchen preparing warm and delicious meals for her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

When she passed on, her legacy of love through food is preserved in the memory of her family. As they yearn longingly for the delicious home-cooked taste and flavour, one grandchild attempted to rediscover and replicate their beloved grandmother’s unwritten recipes. Through trial and error, and after many laborious processes to fine-tune the original flavours, Mak Nyonya was born.

Mak Nyonya products are renowned globally and have received compliments from international partners for their exceptional taste and authentic flavours. Mak Nyonya is widely distributed in Malaysia and overseas via supply chains of multinational hypermarkets, supermarkets, grocery stores, mini-marts, hotels and food services.

Best of all, Mak Nyonya is certified with ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP and HALAL certified by JAKIM Malaysia.

Authentic Asian Sauces – A Grandmother’s Recipe of Love

Asian recipes are a melting pot of complex flavours which require hours of preparation in the kitchen. The tedious process of cooking these delicious meals have made food a symbol of passion and love.

After fine-tuning the recipe and spices, Mak Nyonya finally presents convenience and simplicity in cooking with a healthy range of delicious Asian ethnic sauces.

Mak Nyonya products only use the finest and freshest ingredients to retain the originality of Asian cooking, nutritional values and natural flavours. The products do not contain any food colouring and are also cholesterol-free.

Now you can enjoy the most relaxing way to prepare an easy-to-cook delicious meal for the entire family while reminiscing the fond memories of a grandmother’s love.

Product Categories:

  • Instant Cooking Paste
  • Instant Chicken Curry Sauce
  • Instant Asam Fish Sauce
  • Instant Paste for Fried Chicken
  • Instant Nyonya Curry Laksa
  • Instant Fish Curry
  • Instant Portuguese Style Fish Sauce
  • Instant Tom Yum Sauce
  • Instant Rendang
  • Instant Chicken Rice Sauce
  • Instant Vegetarian Curry Sauce
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