Most Popular Types of Pasta in Malaysia

You are likely to find every type of pasta in Malaysia. You can buy dry pasta and fresh pasta. You will find white pasta, wheat pasta and tricolor pasta. Malaysians love pasta noodles but not all the variants. The most popular types of pasta in Malaysia are spaghetti, farfalle, fettucine, lasagne, rigatoni and ravioli.

Spaghetti is inarguably the most popular type of pasta, not just in Malaysia but across the world. Spaghetti comes as round strands that can be as long as ten inches but usually quite thin. You can buy wheat spaghetti or its white variant. Spaghetti can be cooked quickly, usually in under ten minutes. It is best served with some sauce. The most popular ways of cooking spaghetti is with tomatoes or in pesto with seafood and meat. Spaghetti goes well with both white and red sauces.

pasta types in malaysia

Farfalle is perhaps the quirkiest pasta of all. It comes in the shape and form of tiny butterflies. You could also refer to the form as bowties. This type of pasta goes well with rich tomato or cheese based sauces. You should cook it with mushroom or seafood, cream and cheese.

Fettuccine, also spelled as fettucine, is chewy pasta. These are usually long and flat noodles. They are typically quarter of an inch wide. Many types of fettuccine are actually egg noodles. These are easy to cook, normally taking around ten to twelve minutes. They can be tossed with a preferred sauce and served hot. Fettuccine is often cooked with alfredo, cheese, cream, seafood and meat.

Lasagne is multilayered pasta. It is usually made at home by layering stacks of pasta mixed with vegetables and seafood or meat. Lasagne is baked with cheese on top of the sheets of pasta, vegetables, meats and other ingredients.

Rigatoni is a kind of flavor tube pasta. You get short tubes around one and a half inch long and three quarters of an inch in diameter. This type of pasta is so named due to its ridges. Rigatoni takes a minute or two longer than fettuccine to cook. It can be baked or tossed with sauce. Rigatoni is usually cooked with vegetables or chunky meat with dollops of cheese or cream.

Ravioli is more like dumpling than pasta but it is classified as the latter. You can fill raviolis with cheese, vegetables and meats. Ravioli is a time consuming recipe but it is delicious and filling. You can also choose spinach, ricotta, cheese, pumpkin and lobster for the filling.

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