Do you love yogurt? If so, which is your best flavour, brand, and type? Some people prefer plain yogurt, others the frozen one and others will go for Greek-style yogurt because of its tangy taste. Yogurt is loaded with bone-building calcium, protein, and probiotics, thus another food to add to your diet.

This nutritious dairy product can be homemade or bought in the supermarket. Indeed, the yogurt section of these stores is packed with overwhelming options as Malaysians have become more health-conscious.

You can use it on its very own as a snack or combine it with other ingredients when making a delicious meal.

There are a variety of yogurt options, such as flavoured types and the plain version, as well as pretty colours; however, some buyers don’t read the label to see the ingredients.

As a result, many manufacturers cram cultured milk with sugar and artificial ingredients and market it as a healthy snack when in fact, it is anything but.

The article will provide you with 10 types of yogurt in Malaysia that are good for your digestion, helps with weight loss, prevent heart disease, and reduces the risks of obesity.


Greek Yogurt

It’s also known as strained or concentrated yogurt made through a straining process that eliminates whey and other fluid to retain a smooth thick consistency. Greek yogurt has a lesser volume after straining; thus, more milk is used compared to making regular yogurt of the same size.

Previously, people strained yogurt with cloth bags until they achieved the desired texture, but today centrifuges give the same effect. Other producers use thickening agents or dry agents to make Greek-style yogurt which is thicker and tangier.

Also, Greek yogurt has more protein, lesser carbs, and more sugar than the regular type.

Plain Yogurt

The plain or natural yogurt has no added sugar or flavor, thus easy to find in supermarkets. You can use it as a snack or in baking cakes or other meals.

Traditional Unstrained Yogurt

Yogurts have a sour flavour due to cultured milk. Traditional unstrained yogurt is thinner because it has more liquid content than Greek yogurts.

Also, an unstrained type is a good option for kids, especially those who dislike the thicker consistencies. This helps to improve digestion and build strong bones.

Whole Milk Yogurt

This is a high calcium and protein yogurts made from whole milk and a little extra sugar. You can flavour this type of yogurt with a slice of fruit like an apple, banana, or berries.

Low-Fat Yogurt

The low calories yogurt is a good choice for weight loss. This option has reduced fat and is made from 2% milk. You can also find non-fat yogurt, which is made with skim milk or zero percent milk.

Because low-fat or non-fat yogurt is not as tasty as full-fat yogurt, most brands add sugar to improve taste and make it delicious.


Non-Dairy Yogurt

The majority of people love yogurt, but some have lactose intolerance or are vegan. Because yogurt is packed with folic acid and B12, it’s good to eat it as a snack or use it to make delicious meals. The following are non-dairy yogurt with lower fat content.

1.    Coconut Yogurt

Besides cow’s milk, you can buy or make probiotic yogurt from coconut milk. The yogurt has a super creamy texture, and you can add a slice of fruit to make it taste better.

2.    Soy Yogurt

Soy milk yogurt is gaining popularity because, unlike ordinary options, soy yogurt has lower cholesterol and saturated fat levels. Live cultures are added to soybeans milk to thicken it up.

This yogurt has a thick creamy texture and can be served cold. Some brands add fresh berries and thickeners to enhance their taste.

3.    Almond Yogurt

This yogurt is made by mixing almond milk with live and active cultures. Adding water to ground almonds gives you non-dairy milk with a low-calorie count, rich in calcium, high in fiber but low in sodium and fat.

Almond yogurt is thin and loose but has a similar texture as traditional yogurt. It’s hard to find a plain flavor option because brands add both thickeners and sweeteners. They may also use fruits such as peach and pineapple to create a sweet flavor.

At home, you can add flax meal or chia seeds to enhance almond yogurt’s nutritional value.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is one type of yogurt in Malaysia that is a healthier option to ice cream. However, these alternatives have a lot of sugar, like regular ice cream. has easy steps of making a variety of frozen yogurts.

Skyr Yogurt

The Icelandic yogurt version is made from skim and is strained 4 times to give it a thicker consistency than Greek yogurt. Skyr yogurt has the highest protein content per serving. Some brands put natural fruits, organic agave nectar, or vanilla to up its sweetness and give it a lovely flavor.

Australian Yogurt

The version falls between Greek and traditional yogurt. First, it is not strained just like traditional yogurt; thus, they both have a similar texture.

It’s made from whole milk, thus thicker creamy consistency. Therefore, the Australian type is not as thick as the Greek version but not thinner like traditional yogurt.

You can use honey to sweeten Australian yogurt and get a sweet, tangy flavour or still take it totally plain.


The yogurt has its origin in the Indian Subcontinent. Lassi is made by blending yogurt or curd with milk, or water, sugar, or salt, as well as a few herbs or spices.

It comes in various flavours such as mint, salty, sweet, and different fruits. The probiotic drink has gut-friendly bacteria, thus a good drink for your health.

So, Which is the Best Yogurt in Malaysia?

Yogurts have nearly all the nutrients that your body needs. They have trace minerals like magnesium, potassium, rich in protein and calcium, as well as B vitamins.


However, you need to be careful when consuming store-bought yogurt as these are not as healthy as they may seem. They may be full of sugar, use many preservatives and are not fresh.

We might be biased, but we’re inclined to say that homemade yogurt options such as those offered by Easiyo provide the best value for yogurt lovers in Malaysia. EasiYo yogurt is made with all-natural ingredients, free from artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives – a healthier choice compared to store-bought yogurt.

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