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Gastone Lago founded Elledi with his brother and his business partner Di Dato in 1968. He had a clear vision in mind from the very start to create an innovative confectionery company using his great artisan passion. The famous Lago wafers were produced that very year.

Throughout the years, Elledi had undergone various rebranding exercises and was renamed Lago Group to commemorate Gastone’s passion as an artisan. In 2017, the company launched a cleaner and brighter logo, reflecting the new company name and the year of establishment.

Lago remained a domestic brand until the birth of their export division in 2002. Since then, Lago continues to share its delicious Italian products with over 80 countries, and Malaysia is one of them.

After more than 50 years, the company can proudly acknowledge its “Made in Italy” product is now enjoyed by millions of consumers all around the world.

Innovative Italian Wafer Biscuits

After decades of deprivation, a new type of consumer emerged in the 1970s. The great demand for gratification spurred Lago into creating a wafer that is both indulgent and sweetly gratifying.

Through the use of advanced technical expertise, Lago strived to recreate the aroma and inimitable taste of an artisanal product. The focus on continuous improvement of recipes, extensive research, and technical development has been the catalyst of Lago’s high-quality production process.

The company guarantees the careful selection of raw materials, premium quality products, traceability of ingredients and finished products, food safety system, and sophisticated manufacturing facilities.

Lago’s range of fragrant wafers represents a pleasant break at any moment of the day, a symbiosis of many sweet emotions. Lago wafers are available in tasty bite-size cubes and slices filled with velvety cream filling.

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