Finding the best wholesale distributors is always important regardless of what industry you work in.

However, if you work in the food or snacks business, it’s especially important to make sure your products are delivered on-time and hygienically.

But it’s not always easy to know how to find wholesale companies that you can trust. That’s why we’ve put together this simple and useful guide to the 10 insider tips!

1. Know Your Distribution Channels

It’s important to know the distribution channels of your industry and where in the supply chain you belong.

This helps you to decide which is the right grocery wholesale distributor for you. This could include anything from the manufacturer of the product to the importer to the regional distributor.

2. Start with the Manufacturer

Once you know what you want to sell, you should start by getting in touch with the manufacturer of the product. By starting with the manufacturer, you stand the best chance of getting the lowest price.

However, most manufacturers only sell directly to you if you meet the specific order requirements. If your retail business is too small, you should find out the distributors they sell to.

3. Get in Touch With Wholesale Distributor

With the information about wholesale distributors provided by the manufacturer, you should be able to get in touch with one of them.

Make sure you find out about the minimum order requirements. But don’t forget to keep your emails or phone calls short and sweet. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

4. Search Online

If this doesn’t work out, you can also find wholesale distributors online. It might only take a couple of searches on Google before you discover the wholesaler that meets your needs.

Try using search terms, such as “wholesale” and “supplier” and “distributor” to find what you want. Also, include any niche terms or phrases in your search that will help you find the product you want.

5. Check Out eBay

If Google doesn’t work out, there’s always eBay. You might be able to find wholesale suppliers who are willing to sell your product on eBay.

However, keep in mind that wholesalers on eBay usually operate on a very small scale. This is because they exclusively target retail customers.

6. Try Out B2B Marketplaces

B2B (business to business) marketplaces are also a useful place find to a wholesale supplierB2B marketplaces include Alibaba, Global Sources, Buyer Zone, EC21 and Busy Trade.

7. Find Networks in Your Industry

Although it’s important to keep in mind that retailers don’t shout about their supplier contacts with the competition, there are many things you can find out by networking with other professionals in your industry.

By building relationships with insiders, it is eventually possible to find the best wholesale distributors for you.

There are many ways to start networking from building up your LinkedIn profile, attending niche events in your industry to signing up for newsletters.

8. Sign Up to Trade Publications

There’s a lot you can find out by signing up to all of the magazines and newsletters in your industry. In addition to the useful articles and content, there will be a bunch of ads from distributors trying to reach out to you.

9. Go to Trade Shows

While the internet is a great way to find out information and build your network, there’s nothing quite like face-to-face contact. Trade shows are a great way to meet people in your industry in person to find a distributor for you.

10. Learn From Mistakes

Many professionals simply go with the first wholesale supplier that comes along. But a wholesaler relationship is not for life.

If you find a wholesale distributor that offers you an improved price or efficiency, you should not fail to learn from your mistakes.

Finding a Wholesale Distributor in Malaysia

With these 10 tips from insiders, you’ll have no problems finding a distributor for your products. Find out more about wholesale distributors, by checking out our story on our website.