Olive Oil Bundt Cake





Total Time

55 mins


180 ml                  Colavita olive oil

100 g                     Sugar

6                             Egg yolks

190 g                     Flour

2 tsp                      Baking powder

30 g                       Milk

1 tsp                      Vanilla essence

70 g                       Wonderful Pistachios (chopped)

70 g                       Cranberries, chopped

5                             Egg white

90 g                       Sugar


Frosting & garnish:

½                             Juice from half lemon

5-6 tbsp                Icing sugar

7                             Strawberries, halved

30 g                       Blueberries

15 g                       Wonderful Pistachios (chopped)

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  1. In a bowl whisk Colavita olive oil with sugar till its pale and creamy in colour.
  2. Then add in egg yolk and whisk to combine. Pour in flour and continue mixing it with the whisk.
  3. Add in milk and vanilla essence.
  4. In another bowl whisk egg white till frothy then gradually add in sugar and whisk till slightly harder than medium peak texture.
  5. Take ¼ of egg white mixture and mix into the flour mixture, whisk till well combined.
  6. Then fold in remaining egg white mixture and mix till all is well incorporated.
  7. Lastly fold in wonderful pistachios and cranberries.
  8. Pour mixture into a greased bundt cake tin and bake at 160°C for 35-40 minutes.
  9. Once done remove from oven and set aside to cool before over turning the cake.
  10. Decorate cake with strawberries, blueberries & Wonderful Pistachios.

Products Used

Wonderful Salted Pistachios (168g)
Wonderful Salted Pistachios (168g)
Colavita Pure Olive Oil 750ml OP
Colavita Pure Olive Oil 750ml