Ahmad Tea Mango Magic (20TB)


20 teabags (foil). Our Mango Magic blend is a sunny infusion of soft, juicy mango and uplifting black teas. A richly enchanting brew, it’s sure to revitalise you at any time of the day.
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United Kingdom

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To create this blend, our Tea Masters balance briskly robust black teas from East Africa, then add real mango pieces and our signature mango flavouring to give the brew a sweetly exotic summeriness. It’s a crowd-pleasing combination, one that’s been part of our collection for over 20 years.

We foil-wrap every teabag to ensure each cup tastes just as it should. Mango Magic is a truly radiant blend, ideal for drinking both hot and cold. Switch up your comforting afternoon brew for a cleansing, mango-infused cuppa. Or for a thirst-quenching iced tea alternative, steep the tea with sugar and lemon, then dilute with iced water. Serve over ice for a sophisticated long serve on a tropical afternoon. You’ll get all the rejuvenation of fruity black tea, plus the added ice-cold refreshment.

Black tea with mango fruit pieces

Origin*: Malawi, Kenya

*Please note, subject to change due to seasonal variations.


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