Ahmad Tea Evening Tea Decaffeinated (20TB)


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20 teabags (foil). Our Evening Tea is a delicate blend of decaffeinated black teas enhanced with a little of our signature bergamot flavouring. Light and balanced, it’s the perfect tea to unwind with in the evenings, or to enjoy anytime as a refreshing, caffeine-free cuppa.

United Kingdom

Halal Status

Halal Certified

Specialty Diet


To remove the caffeine, a harmless solvent-wash method is used. We favour this technique as it retains the teas’ natural flavour, so no character is lost. Our Tea Masters skilfully blend the teas to create a balanced flavour, then add just enough of our exclusive bergamot flavouring to lift the brew with its exotic citrusy note.

Gently soothing and refreshing, our Evening blend makes a perfect ‘bedtime’ tea. We think it’s best lightly brewed and enjoyed naturally, but it also works well served strong with a splash of milk. And each bag is individually foil-wrapped to preserve the freshness.

The box features John Macvicar Anderson’s painting “The Houses of Parliament, London, England”. It captures the iconic building in the evening light – the perfect image for this soothing twilight tea.

Black tea, Bergamot flavouring

Origin*: Kenya

*Please note, subject to change due to seasonal variations.


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