San Benedetto produces one of the finest quality bottled water in Italy. The name San Benedetto comes from one of the ancient springs whose waters rise from a depth of 300 meters underground.

San Benedetto Group’s history dates back to 1956 at the village of Scorzè near Venice where the first bottle of San Benedetto mineral water was bottled at a bottling facility which was set up near two water springs.

San Benedetto has been using glass bottles for its mineral water until the 1970s. In 1984, San Benedetto becomes the first Italian company to use PET bottles in different sizes and has been producing all its bottles ever since.

Today, the San Benedetto Group is present in over 100 countries, such as the major western and eastern European nations, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, to name a few. All over the world, San Benedetto mineral water is synonymous with the Italian way of drinking.

Top-Selling Italian Oligomineral Water

Since its inception, San Benedetto has been an advocate for wellbeing for the entire community.

The wholesome quality of San Benedetto mineral water comes from the mineral salt content that originates from a long underground journey, unchanged for thousands of years. The entire process takes place in the water tables created by melting Dolomite glaciers, through the strata of rock, clay, and sand that accompany the water’s underground flow to a 300m deep water table in a district called Scorzè.

As a result, the overall quantity and balance of mineral salts (the steady residue) make the San Benedetto Mineral Water one of the world’s top-selling Oligomineral Waters.

To preserve the authentic Italian way of drinking, you can still enjoy San Benedetto mineral water in a glass bottle. San Benedetto mineral water is available in still and sparkling versions of 500ml and 1.5 liters.


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San Benedetto

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Product Categories:

  • Sparkling Water
  • Still Water

Product Categories:

  • Sparkling Water
  • Still Water

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