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Lorenz Snack-World is an independent family-owned company that ranks among the top players in the European snack market. Headquartered in Germany and with distribution in over 80 countries, Lorenz is well-known for its crispy potato chips and various other snacks.

The company started in 1889 under the name “Hannoversche Cakesfabrik H. Bahlsen”. Over the years, through various rebranding exercises, it was finally renamed “Lorenz Snack-World” in 2001 and a modern logo was introduced in 2006.

The Lorenz Snack-World Group takes pride in its quality and is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.

Naturals Potato Chips – Sustainable Snacking the Natural Way

Naturals, as the name suggests, are crispy potato chips made of natural ingredients. Lorenz’s potatoes are thinly sliced with their skins on before being baked in high-quality nutritious sunflower oil. They are then sprinkled with natural spices and seasonings to create an all-natural pleasure source. Naturals potato chips do not contain any artificial flavourings or preservatives.

To control the quality of potatoes, Lorenz only sources the best potatoes from their trusted producers with whom they have had long-standing relationships. Lorenz has been working closely with their grower community for over 40 years to ensure sustainable farming practices and no genetically modified ingredients are used throughout the production process. As a result, only the best quality potatoes are cultivated through regular soil and potato checks.

Whether you’re having a party, hanging out with family, or enjoying a little me-time, Lorenz Naturals aims to fulfil your snacking needs with pure snacking pleasure.

Product Categories:

  • Potato Chips
  • Saltletts Sticks
Country of Origin Germany



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