137 Degrees Original (1L)


137 Degrees


Certified Halal

Expiry Period

Between 6 to 9 months


Product Description

* 137 Degrees almond milk uses only the best quality whole almonds to yield the richest tasting milk, just like homemade. Naturally sweet and nutty with no sugar added so you can enjoy it guilt-free with absolutely no compromise on the taste! Enjoy this delicious almond milk pure by itself, with your cereal, smoothie, coffee, or your favourite baked goodies!
* Almond milk made from 100% California non-GMO whole almonds
* No cane sugar, preservative or nasty chemical added
* Lightly sweetened with low GI organic coconut flower nectar
* 70 calories per box. Zero trans fat and cholesterol.
* Whole almonds 13%
* Suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerant
* Lower bad LDL cholesterol
* Suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerant
* High in Vitamin Bs, E, Calcium and Folic Acid
* Promote brain, bone and skin health
* No preservative, no trans fat, no carrageenan (carrageenan is used for gelling, thickening or stabilizing)
* Low in sodium
* Cane sugar-free. Use organic coconut flower nectar (contain potassium)
* Certified free from dairy, soy and gluten.

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