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Cirio Green Peas (380g)


Peas are an extremely delicate product. Cirio harvesters collect and pod directly in the field, then peas are immediately processed with advanced technologies and a final quality check is made manually by expert staff: the whole process takes place in a few hours.

Cirio can guarantee a product of the highest quality, with no additives and the good vegetal proteins: the nutritious and balanced diet the modern consumers look for.


Cook appetising dishes by adding Cirio peas to your recipes and soup. Cirio Peas also combine perfectly with pasta, rice, barley or buckwheat to enhance an array of main course dishes with the contribution of its vegetall proteins: the nutritious and balanced diet modern consumers look for.As Cirio Green Peas contain no preservatives, once opened transfer to a non-metallic bowl and keep refrigerated. Consume within 3-4 days.

Tetra Recart packaging is an environmentally sound alternative to steel cans and glass jars. 100% Tetra Recart packages are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)- labelled packages. Tetra Recart is recyclable and easy-open.

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