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Ahmad Tea Malaysia

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137 Degrees Walnut Milk in Malaysia

137 degrees Walnut Milk Matcha Green Tea (1L)

* One of the world’s healthiest food, this walnut milk not only tastes great but is a rich source of brain and heart-healthy fatty acids

* Delicious and refreshing matcha latte made with walnut milk and premium matcha powder from Japan.

* Made from 100% California non-GMO whole walnuts.

* Lightly sweetened with low GI organic coconut flow nectar.

* 60 calories per 180ml.

* High in Vitamin B and omega fatty acids.

* 13% whole walnut. * Halal certified

Ahmad Tea Malaysia

Brand Story Product Categories: Country-of-Origin Connect With Facebook Instagram Globe Online Flagship Stores

Ahmad Tea Fruit Black Tea

Ahmad Tea Peach & Passion (20 Teabags)

A blend of mellow sweetness from perfectly ripened fuzzy peaches paired with pieces of exotic tropical passionfruit.

Treasure the aroma that’s both refreshing and warm like a cool breeze on a summer day at the beach. You can serve it piping hot or as a chilled ice-tea to suit any occasion.

Our Peach and Passion Fruit tea works equally well as a pick-me-up on a hot afternoon or to soothe during chilly winter nights.

As with all of Ahmad Tea’s blends, only the finest ingredients have been sourced with the final result rigorously tested by our master taster to produce maximum flavour and enjoyment.